Some (Almost) Summer Lovin’ from the HCWC Blogging Team

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting the HCWC blog throughout the year! We launched the blog in its current form last fall and have thoroughly enjoyed this first step in creating an engaged online community for exploring women’s and gender issues at Harvard and beyond.

The HCWC blogging team will be taking a bit of a summer hiatus – we hope to put up posts periodically, but won’t be blogging on a weekly basis again until the fall semester. We would love for YOU to consider submitting a guest post, though! As you know, we welcome posts on a wide range of topics and of various lengths – from a few sentences to several paragraphs. We encourage you to contribute! Please email with submissions or questions.

Before we all head off on summer adventures, our HCWC bloggers would like to share brief reflections on the past year. Though some of us are graduating this May, we all look forward to continuing to build a lively forum via the HCWC blog in the years to come, and hope that you, our readers, will join us!


The HCWC Blogging Team

Lili ’12:
While I had read blogs for several years, I had never written a blog post before this academic year. I chose topics relevant to my personal feminist foci—politics, economic equity, and media—and tried to present them clearly. While I am very proud of how our blog has grown, both in terms of readership and in terms of post frequency, I would love to see reader input increase in the next few years. I included questions for readers in the hopes that they would answer in a comment, and therefore continue a conversation between the Women’s Center and the outside world. Aside from my fellow interns’ comments, however, this did not happen, and so “More interaction!” tops my HCWC blog wish list. I will be leaving Harvard and HCWC for Chicago and law school in the fall, but will continue reading. Thank you!

Suzanna ’13:
ng on this blog for this semester was a really enriching way to reflect on my feminism and work at the Women’s Center. It has given me the opportunity to articulate my thoughts, passions, and convictions on why I think gender equity is so essential (indeed, this is rare enough), but to be able to share it with my family, friends, and people whom I have never met was such a privilege. I’ve also enjoyed reading the reflections from my co-workers; while we don’t always agree, it was so wonderful to see what draws us to our work at the Dub-Cee. I hope to send some summer updates this summer, from my home-home in Maryland, and my travels to New York and Honolulu. Thanks so much for reading!

Bradley ’13:
Looking back on our first run with the revamped blog, I realize how blogs are really great for providing a reflective space while creating a sense of community at the same time. Much of my internet use in general revolves around different blogs, and I find that clicking around my favorites allows me to just breathe and take in something new, hilarious, outrageous, or inspiring.  I’m so glad that we as a staff have created a space to do that for all of the members of our community, both here on campus and beyond.

It’s reading period and I’m currently in the middle of writing a paper that uses feminist historian Joan Scott’s notion of gender history.  Scott talks about how using gender as a category of historical analysis opens up new ways of thinking about processes of change over time that account for the dynamic and diffuse nature of social and political power.  I think that through the use of this blog, we are creating a digital archive of gender by sharing our own encounters with the way that gender surfaces in many aspects of our lives.  If I’ve learned any lesson from blogging this year, it’s that creating our own narratives allows us to actively confront the ways in which gendered power affects our lives.

I’m so appreciative of the chance to read and respond to my fellow interns’ blog posts, as well as the opportunity to write my own.  I’m also so grateful for all of the readers who have dropped in to see what we have to see.  Thank you so much, and please come back in the fall!

Lindiwe ’14:
Dear Readers,

It’s been a long and lovely year. I would like to start by thanking you for checking in with us here at the Harvard College Women’s Center whenever you got the chance. I hope that you come into the new academic year ready to be shocked, humored, and informed by what we post in the near future.

Looking back on the year, it is hard to reflect on a single event as being the most meaningful or memorable for me. However, I would like to thank the Women’s Center and my fellow interns for constantly helping the continued development of my gender education, fueling a never-ending barrage of laughter, and helping me do things that, alone, I’d never have done.

I hope that you, dear reader, are looking down the barrel of a warm and sunny summer filled with good books, moments of utter spontaneity, and delicious meals!

‘Til September, Adieu!


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