Women’s Week has arrived! Read HCWC intern, Suzanna’s thoughts below on why YOU should get involved:

I say it every year and I’ll say it again–Women’s Week at Harvard College is my favorite week on this campus. It’s a time to celebrate women’s achievements, explore women’s issues, and encourage dialogue about the role of gender at Harvard and what it means to be a woman in today’s world. So obviously it gives me great pleasure to announce that starting Women’s Week 2013 will lift off this Friday, March 8th. You should (or dare I say, need) to get involved in this year’s events and here are five reasons just to get you started:

  1. Celebraction! One of the most engaging aspects of Women’s Week is its celebratory tone towards activism on campus and beyond. You’ll see this at our kick-off event Feminist Coming Out Day 2013: Coffee House and Open Mic. The emotional electricity is almost tangible as our peers perform incredible spoken word, songs, and offer testimonials on why feminism is central to their lives. Women’s Week promotes gender empowerment through an infectious energy that inspires its participants towards further action. Thus I give you the following entomology: Celebration + action = celebraction
  2. All of the cool kids are doing it. Women’s Week has been directed by a coalition powerhouse composed of the Women’s Center, the Seneca, and Women’s Cabinet. Along with these bedrock organizations, each Women’s Week event is co-sponsored by its own student organization ranging from PBHA’s Athena Program to ECHO. You definitely know someone who has been involved in planning a Women’s Week event. I know from personal experience that they would love your support through your attendance.
  3. 3.    It’s an event smörgåsbord. Our events this year are incredible, diverse in content and format. We have a discussion on HBO’s “Girls” that will include an interactive debate on its relevance to twenty-something lives along with a more traditional panel on personal and work-life balance. Don’t forget our TED-talk style Harvard Women Think Big featuring presentations from some rad Harvard Women or our Female Friendship Seminar by the Radcliffe Union of Students! From my behind the scene’s perspective, I can assure you that there has been so much thought and intention behind each event to ensure that each participant leaves feeling informed and inspired. (Also, true to smörgåsbord’s dennotation, there will be a lot of free food goodies)
  4. 4.    Connect beyond Campus Along with marking the last week before Spring Break, Women’s Week intentionally coincides with International Women’s Day. Like Women’s Week, International Women’s Day was established out of a coalition dedicated to comprehensively improving women’s advancement through celebratory solidarity. IWD celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2011 and continues to be celebrated across the world. By celebrating IWD through Women’s Week at Harvard you will be a part of a worldwide movement, joining with other revelers in such places like Samoa, Austria, and Zambia.
  5. Power Up “But why isn’t there a Men’s Week?” At this point in my Women’s Center career, I have learned how to deal with this question. In fact, I’ve learned that often times it’s an earnest question, not intending provoke. So why isn’t there a Men’s Week?  There isn’t a Men’s Week because the United States, more specifically Harvard College, has historically been and continues to male dominated.  Women’s Week offers an opportunity to engage in a dialogue related to (but not limited to) women, gender and feminism–topics that are not discussed or often marginalized on this campus.  So power up!  Get connected to your feminist side and get ready for a week of events aimed to challenge, motivated, and inspire all genders!!

One thought on “WOMEN’S WEEK 2013

  1. Thank you so much Suzanna!
    I could not agree more with your sentiments about the value and general good times of Women’s Week at Harvard. The events that I have attended thus far this week have been both informative and provocative.
    Best of all, I am seeing faces that I do not typically see at gender focused events. New voices are part of what makes Women’s Week so successful.

    Hoping to meet even more peers interested in gender on campus at tomorrow’s events.

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