Women in STEM: Studying the Gap

“One of the things that I really strongly believe in is that we need to have more girls interested in math, science, and engineering. We’ve got half the population that is way underrepresented in those fields and that means that we’ve got a whole bunch of talent…not being encouraged the way they need to.”

— President Barack Obama, February 2013

In a September article in the New York Times, Eileen Pollack writes, “Computer scientists and engineers are going to be designing the future that everyone inhabits. We need women and minorities to enjoy an ambient sense of belonging in those professions if the future they create is going to be one in which all of us feel at home.” It has become trendy to complain about the gender gap in representation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, but what can we do to close it?

The Obama Administration recognizes these gaps, as do a number of females in STEM fields. Neehar Banerjee, a high school senior, describes the feeling of being the only woman on her robotics team: “Even beyond my classes, when I joined my robotics team in 2012, there were a mere five female members on a 30-person team (and no female mentor to speak of).” Through learning by doing, elimination of casual sexism in the workplace, and Women in STEM mentorship opportunities, however, the gap can be closed.

innovation_logo_wistemThe Harvard College Women’s Center demonstrates its commitment to promoting women who challenge, motivate, and inspire in STEM through our Women in STEM (WiSTEM) mentorship program. This year, WiSTEM will be running a series of talks with women in the STEM fields, called Women in Innovation. The first talk in the series will be with Dr. Jacqueline Ashmore, a renewable energy engineer. Join us!

Thursday, November 12, 2015
12:00pm – 1:30pm
Canaday Hall, B Entry

RSVP here.


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