This Week’s #HCWC #WCW: Meera Seshadri!

Photo courtesy of Meera Seshadri
Photo courtesy of Meera Seshadri

Each week HCWC will spotlight a woman within the Harvard community or beyond whose work and actions we deem to be “crush worthy.” We encourage you to participate in our #WCW  via your various social media platforms by sharing the women we honor each week to bring light to their important work.

Who she is: Meera Seshadri

Why she’s our #WCW: Meera is a tireless and selfless activist who is the Associate Director of Harvard’s Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. She is exceptionally giving, generous, and kind, and is wholly devoted to creating safe environments within the Harvard community, to supporting all students, and to helping change our culture. She is so giving of her time, her energy, and her resources, and she is deeply committed to caring for her students and is an endlessly loving and compassionate friend and mentor to all who know her. Meera designs and implements behavior-change communication programs that advance gender equity, promote consent, and confront rape culture. Meera also oversees the training and supervision of the Consent Advocates and Relationship Educators (CARE). She has an extensive background in sexual health, education, and gender-equity-promotion, and she uses her wealth of experience to be a passionate advocate for survivors, for allies, and for all marginalized peoples (particularly students and young people.) Meera is such an important member of our Harvard community–her love for life and her passion for changing the world and plotting the revolution are contagious. Please visit Meera in her OSAPR office! She’s changing the world for the better in so many crucial ways.

To nominate another #WCW, please use our form! Happy #WCW from #HCWC!


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