This week’s #HCWC #WCW: Owen Ojo ’19

Photo courtesy of #WCW nominator Allison Tsay
Photo courtesy of #WCW nominator Allison Tsay

Each week HCWC will spotlight a woman within the Harvard community or beyond whose work and actions we deem to be “crush worthy.” We encourage you to participate in our #WCW  via your various social media platforms by sharing the women we honor each week to bring light to their important work.

Who she is: Owen Ojo ’19

Why she’s our #WCW: Owen’s nominator, Allison Tsay, wrote the following:

“Ever since becoming friends through the First-Year Urban Program (FUP), Owen has challenged me to think critically about social justice, feminism, race relations, and more. Her ability to spark engaging dialogue through her writing never ceases to amaze, and every conversation with her is a gift. She recently authored an excellent article about the taboo surrounding menstruation. No matter the situation, she remains grounded and composed–constantly striving towards inclusivity and a better Harvard. Look out, Harvard, because Owen is a force to be reckoned with.”

To nominate another #WCW, please use our form! Happy #WCW from #HCWC!


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