This Week’s #HCWC #WCW: Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula WCWEach week HCWC will spotlight a woman within the Harvard community or beyond whose work and actions we deem to be “crush worthy.” We encourage you to participate in our #WCW  via your various social media platforms by sharing the women we honor each week to bring light to their important work.

Who she is: Laura Mvula is an amazing singer/songwriter/musician from England whose latest video, Overcome, a collaboration with Niles Rodgers, was released on January 22, 2016.

Why she’s our #WCW: Laura Mvula is an artist who uses her medium, music, to tell stories about identity and power. Ms. Mvula says of her new single, “Overcome is what I think joy feels like – eventually. We’re all going through something but even ‘the caged bird sings of freedom’.”



twitter: or @lauramvula


To nominate another #WCW, please use our form! Happy #WCW from #HCWC!



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