#WCW: Elaine Dai ’17

WCW Elaine Dai
Photo provided by Elaine’s nominator, Eesha Khare

This week, in the spirit of International Women’s Day which we celebrated yesterday, we’re honoring one of the leaders of the Women’s Cabinet. Elaine is a junior concentrating in economics. She has worked to break gender barriers in politics in the workforce, working as the outreach chair of the Women’s Initiative in Leadership at the Institute of Politics as well as being an active member of Harvard Financial Analysts Club. She’s even even worked on a startup while at Harvard!

As  the Execute Co-Leader of the Women’s Cabinet, Elaine has worked on a lot of initiatives to ensure that the voices of women are heard on campus. She and her nominator, Eesha Khare, reached out to the Women’s Center about bringing the Women’s Cabinet back, and it was relaunched this past October. The group meets once a month to discuss issues about gender on campus, such as the ongoing debates about the sexual conduct climate survey.

Besides her feminist work, Elaine continues to inspire because of her balanced lifestyle, willingness to be inspired, and positive attitude. Thanks Elaine for helping bring the Women’s Cabinet back and for being an invaluable member of the Harvard community!


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