Hello, it’s Adele [this week for our WCW]

WCW Adele
Picture from Wikipedia

Adele is a talented singer-songwriter who uses her music to challenge, motivate, and inspire. A recipient of an Academy Award, American Music Awards, a Golden Globe, and several Grammys, Adele is a role model who  donates her time, energy, and talents to charities as well.

What makes Adele stand out is the fact that she loves herself and her identity and will not change because of the spotlight. When designer Karl Lagerfeld made a comment about her weight (saying she was “a little too fat”), Adele responded by saying “there’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like everyone else.” In the same vein, she’s stayed true to herself as long as she can remember, wearing the same perform for over a decade and sticking to her signature black dress and glamorous hair/eyeliner look. She knows what works for her and isn’t going to be swayed by the media or other people’s opinions of what she should look like!

Adele is also amazing because her number one priority is her music. Her voice is one of a kind, but so is her talent- most of her songs were written by herself, and her songs are relatable because they are about simple human experiences that many people go through.

Above all, Adele is someone who loves to laugh and enjoys life. She’s someone that we all wish we could friends with and honestly could imagine ourselves as friends with. Thank you Adele for challenging, motivating, and inspiring us at the women’s center!


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