Postit Comix 1: Sleeping In- On Laziness + Mental Health at Harvard


By Jessica Jin, HCWC Intern

Harvard students are not lazy.

Harvard students, at the least, cannot afford to be lazy. To be lazy is to squander something precious, our Lord and Savior Time, of which we have such few and scarce hours- to finish a paper, to rush a pset, to run a meeting, to catch a shuttle, to socialize with friends, to maintain appearances. It’s like a reverse Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs, where basic human needs for survival, eating and sleeping, come after all else. You don’t compare how well rested, or well fed you are. Instead, you unzip your metaphorical jeans, you whip out your hours of sleep, and you compare whose has been the shortest. “Look at these dark circles,” you say. “Maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybe it’s sleep deprivation.”

Which is why, when I found myself lying in bed, fully rested for the first time in a month, having skipped my morning lectures and sections, feeling like a veritable Princess™, I was never more utterly ashamed of myself.

Why are the moments I’m most disgusted with myself the same moments in which I treat my body with the respect that it deserves? Mental health at Harvard isn’t just a diagnosis. Or a 3am trip to UHS (lol, those are fun). More than that, it’s a toxic series of socially institutionalized practices that we fall into every day. How can we counter that? If pushing yourself to breaking point is the ever-present Upside-Down dimension that we can’t escape from, what can we even do?

Recently I’ve been trying to practice radical self-care. That doesn’t mean doing a full-twist backflip directly into a Lush-bath-bomb infused tub of water. But consider:

You deserve to sleep.

You deserve to eat.

You deserve to watch TV.

You deserve to miss to classes.

You deserve to be lazy.



-PostIt Comix is a weekly comic strip + blog post series that I (Jessica Jin) will be running throughout the year. Or try to. 





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