The Harvard College Women’s Center (HCWC) blog is intended to provide a forum for members of the Harvard community to discuss and reflect upon women’s and gender issues at Harvard and beyond. The HCWC blog is administered by a dedicated team of HCWC interns, and we invite you to submit blog posts and comments and help foster a lively discussion about women and gender!

As with all HCWC events, all genders are welcome to participate in the conversation. For more information on the HCWC’s mission, history and events, please visit our webpage.

The content of all blog comments should comply with the official guidelines found in the Harvard College Handbook for Students under “Standards of Conduct in the Harvard Community.”  Comments may not include content that may be construed as harassment, discrimination, threats of physical violence, misappropriation, sexual misconduct, or hazing as described in the handbook.  In addition, comments should not misrepresent the identity of the author.  Any comments that do not adhere to these expectations are subject to deletion at the discretion of the Harvard College Women’s Center staff.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. emilyvanhouten

    Good afternoon!

    I saw a few weeks ago that the HCWC posted that there was going to be an on-campus discussion regarding rape and violence against women, particularly related to the New Delhi gang rape. Also, I understand that there is a policy task force at Harvard for the development of suggestions for reform in military powers in conflict zones. How may I receive updates on how the discussion went and how the task force’s goals are being met?

    Thank you!


  2. Hi to all at HCWC,

    My name is Alex and I am a Communications Manager at Barnard College. I am reaching out to you today with an idea for your blog. Being perfect and powerful, being a feminist: these are among the most popular topics of conversation among today’s young women. Barnard College’s new podcast series, Dare to Use the F-Word, tells the story of today’s feminists through the ideas, art, and activism that define them. Barnard President Debora Spar, in her new book Wonder Women: Sex, Power & the Quest for Perfection, explains that while most women today struggle with the idea of perfection, they also struggle with the concept of feminism itself. Are the two connected? Read President Spar’s thoughts in this exclusive post: https://barnard.edu/news/web-exclusive-president-spar

    As a communications manager at Barnard, I want to continue these important conversations among feminist thought-leaders like you. I ask you to republish and share this post on your blog. Pose these questions to your audience; they may dare others to join us and use the f-word.


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