PostIt Comix 4: Love (In Theory)

love image.jpg

By Jessica Jin, HCWC Intern

Love is something that works great on paper, but in real life, well…

I jest. I’m not a jaded third-year college student who, much like the Grinch, has forgotten how to love. (okay, maybe just a little.) With Valentine’s Day peering around the corner like a stray hookup who’s forgotten their shoes in your room, it’s a good time to rethink the types of love that society prioritizes.

The kind of love that society legitimizes, either by talking about it more or by selling things that cater to its existence, is the kind of love that’s external, that has a name. The love of a significant other, or a spouse, or an ex. These are the kinds of love that get 2-hour-long movie slots on mainstream cable, or an entire candy aisle in a grocery store.

But there are also other kinds of love that need to be acknowledged and appreciated.

So this Valentine’s Day, here’s a shout-out to the kinds of love that play an important part in life, but are often overlooked:

  1. platonic love. this is something that’s taken for granted a lot of the times- but it’s that feeling of security when you’re with your closest friends. it’s a valuable thing.
  2. familial love. calling home too often is poked fun of as a surefire way to “never get laid.” whether or not you have a dinner date, the love and support of someone you’ve grown up seeing your whole life is something special.
  3. self love. this is most forgotten. it isn’t just a social media mantra, or always an excuse to throw responsibilities to the wind. this means treating yourself with the compassion and care you would a close friend, and appreciating and accepting your own limitations, flaws, and qualities.

Tell your loved ones you love them- whatever kind of love that may be.


-PostIt Comix is a weekly comic strip + blog post series that will be running throughout the year.


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