This Week’s #HCWC #WCW: Michelle Danoff ’17

Michelle Danoff
Photo provided by Michelle’s nominator, Michael Kiukawa ’17

This week’s #HCWC Woman Crush Wednesday is Michelle Danoff ’17, nominated by Michael Kikukawa ’17. She’s our woman crush because not only is she an incredible roommate and an “all-around gluten-intolerant badass,” but she is a co-president of one of Harvard’s amazing female STEM communities, Women in Computer Science. (WiCS was recently profiled in The Crimson here).

Michelle is working hard to break the stereotype of the typical coder, and believes strongly in equality especially in the tech sector. She’s fighting to decrease the gender disparity in high-technology jobs, and hopes that her work will give other women and girls the ability to compete for jobs in this budding sector of the economy. On a campus where the most popular computer science class, CS50, is only 38% female (up from 31% in past years), this is a huge undertaking and we’re so grateful for strong women like Michelle for rising up to the challenge.

At the end of the day, Michelle is down-to-earth, always making time for her friends even in the midst of a busy Harvard schedule. Come to the Women’s Center today to see Michelle’s picture and get some baked goods in to celebrate our amazing #WCW!



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